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Captain America USO Girl

Source: Captain America: The First Avenger

Completed: 03 September 2011

This was a last minute addition to my Dragon*Con plans, but I'm so glad I decided to do it. I hadn't even seen the film before making it, but I loved the oufit, and thought it would be fun to join the group. I would never have been able to make this without the help of Kathy, Victoria, Caitlin, Alison & Kristin - from photos of their progress, to buying and shipping fabric, help with a wig, or just being there to answer my panicking questions, a really big thank you! Also a big thank you to Matt for putting up with me during the process.

I joined in on the last group order of fabrics and supplies before Dragon*Con, which all thankfully arrived in NZ in time for me to start working on it. The wonderful group ladies had done all the research - as I hadn't seen the film I was relying on everyone else for that. I started sewing it with less than a week until my flight for the US, and I just barely finished it in time. I stayed up until 4am every night, up again at 6am (and one night I didn't go to sleep at all), doing as much as I could with my sewing machine. I got on the plane for the US with an unfinished hat and lots of handsewing to do. I worked on it in Atlanta on Wednesday and Thursday, and (again) didn't go to sleep at all Friday night - finishing it a few hours before putting it all on for the first time and marching in the parade Saturday morning.

The costume consists of a dress (pleated skirt and lined bodice), pleated petticoat, wide red belt, sequin collar, buckram hat, stockings, gloves, silver dance shoes, red cheerleading briefs, curly wig, and a period accurate 48-star US flag. It was my first time making a hat/working with buckram, but I'm really proud of my hat, I loved wearing it.

I'm so happy with how it all came together, all the lost sleep was totally worth it. I wasn't sure if I was able to sew that much in less than a week, but I did it! I had a fantastic time marching in the parade with the USO girls, and wore it nearly all day and night on Saturday! I really enjoyed being part of such a big group project, everyone looked fantastic.

You can read more about the USO Girls team project on the Facebook page, and see photos from various events contributed to the Flickr pool.

Worn at - Dragon*Con 2011.

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