snowbunny reference

Padme Amidala, Ilum Outfit (Snowbunny)

Source: Star Wars, The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network)

Completed: November 2007

I originally started this in 2006, when I happened the find the perfect baby blue marabou trim at a local sewing store. I ended up buying nearly all they had. I searched out some soft white blanket polar fleece, and pale blue lining fabric. Then it sat untouched for nearly a year - as other costumes and a wedding took up my time. After becoming familiar with bodysuit patterns on my Harley Quinn costume, my thoughts returned to my Snowbunny. From start to finish it only took a month - the actually sewing would have only been a few days. I finished it on November 23rd 2007 and took it to Queenstown for a few scenic photos.

- White cape -
I chose a soft blanket polar fleece - it hangs quite nicely. I originally purchased bemsilk lining fabric, but after seeing a few other Snowbunny costumes, I decided that I liked the look of satin instead. I picked out a ice blue polyester 'dancetime' satin. The trim is pale blue marabou trim. It has white cord with pom poms - but the cape is actually held shut with a hook and eye closure. I used Benae Quee's great snowbunny tutorial for the cape. I sewed the lining and polar fleece together around the edge inside out (leaving a small gap in the back of the hood to turn it in the right way - and included the cord ties in the seam), then turned the right way, and stiched around very close to the edge so it all sat nice and flat. I originally was going to hand sew the trim to the cape - but I found this was damaging to the trim, so I used adhesive instead. I hand sewed the small opening in the lining shut, and attached a hook and eye close to the cords. The pom poms were made by pinning sections of the trim around small polystytrene balls which were then glued to a knot at the end of each of the two cords.

- White bodysuit -
I used Kwik Sew 2722 as a base. I drafted in sleeves/shoulders, eliminated the key hole back, put in a back zip, and altered the inside leg seam. I added a small zip in the front neck, and attached a hood. I cut out all the pieces in nylon lycra and cotton lycra, overlocked the two fabrics together, then sewed it all up as one bodysuit. This solved the problem of hiding undergarments under the white fabric, and is also a little warmer. The zip goes from the back of the hood to half way down my back. My husband shortened a zip so I could add that detail to the front under the chin. It took me a few tries to get the hood right, but I'm glad I did - as I can wear it as a 'cape off version' like Padme' does in the cartoon.

- White gloves -
I was going to make these, but in the end purchased white elbow length ball gloves. The satin matches nicely with the cape lining, and it was just easier! In the cartoon the length of her gloves varies a bit, but they generally are a bit before her elbow. I glued the trim around the ends, pretty easy.

- White boots -
After ages searching for white high boots locally, I ended up ordering a pair of 'go go' style boots from They arrived incredibly quick, and look great. I used double sided tape to attach the trim around the top - so I can remove it if I find more accurate boots in the future.

- Belt -
My belt is just a white leather belt from a local fashion store. I cut the ends off, and it domes closed under the small pouch. The pouch and holster were made by my husband. He made forms out of mdf, then vac-formed styrene over them twice - first for the body, second for the closure flaps. A little bit of filler, sanding then paint. They attach to the belt with domes.

- Accessories -
I didn't like the look of the toy Episode 2 Amidala blaster, so my husband made a more accurate cartoon blaster. He made the main 'egg' shape out of mdf, then vac-formed it. The grip and barrel are made from wood. He also made some cartoon style binoculars. These are made entirely out of plastic - styrene sheets for the body, pvc pipe for the details, and a little bit of tinted plastic - which he gave a little bit of lens curve with a heat gun and vac-forming. I think they look great.

I have worn my Snowbunny costume to several events now - it's one of my favourite costumes.

My costume has also been referenced in artwork by artist Brian Rood (click here for comparison).

Worn at - Armageddon Wellington 2008, Dragon*Con 2009, Armageddon Auckland 2009.

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