slaveleia reference

Princess Leia, Jabba's Palace Slave Outfit

Source: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Completed: October 2008

The resin kit is by Jamin of

I bought some grey leather suede boots from eBay. The tops were cut down to fit, and the boot tops attached with adhesive. The extra suede was used for the bikini. I used the inner 'foam' from a bra, and attached the suede over it to keep the shape, then glued it into the bikini. The skirt panels are a lovely wine stretch satin I had in my fabric stash, pleated along the top edge. They attach to the kit with snaps. The hair piece is made from 2 lengths purchased from Cosworx, matched to my natural hair colour. The braid clips onto my own hair, the 'bun' is made from a length braided and sewn into shape, then pinned on top of the braid.

My husband made the vibro axe from scratch, using screen shots of the one Leia uses in ROTJ - based on my proportions. It is made from wood and plastic, and painted in a weathered finish.

Worn at - Armageddon Auckland 2008

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slaveleia costume