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Sister Marissa (Screen-Used) Costume

Source: Legend of the Seeker

Purchased: March 2011

I enjoyed the tv series Legend of the Seeker, especially since it was filmed in my home city - Matt was cast as a monk in two episodes. I was sad to see it cancelled after two seasons, but that meant that the costumes and props were put up for sale. After bidding on several eBay auctions, I eventually found the one I knew I had to win, Sister Marissa. It's a character costume, different from the background Sisters of the Dark (who all wore the same style, main character Sisters wore unique designs). When I was researching the costumes, this was my favourite style - so I was so excited when I saw it come up for sale.

The oufit consists of a red silk dress with long chiffon sleeves, a silk chiffon veil/headwrap, leather belt, and leather headband. Sister Nicci is the main Sister of the Dark, and this costume is almost the same, except for the extra chiffon sleeves. They also wore long pants/culottes underneath, and Marissa/some Sisters had a second thin leather belt - but both these items with the Marissa name tag were sold on ebay some time ago, with a Nicci dress (being a main character, it sold for a lot more than I could afford). But that doesn't bother me - some of the main character Sisters like Nicci did not wear the second thin leather belt, and it's a gamble buying pants - if the sizing is off a little, they just don't fit. Dresses are far more forgiving in size. I absolutely love the fabric of this dress. It's heavier than I expected, and a gorgeous colour in person. It is a little low cut, but there is a snap sewn into the neckline v point, to attach to a bra (and the character's bra is seen also), so I went shopping and found a plain red satin bra and sewed a snap in the center to match the dress. There is a little loop of elastic at each shoulder to snap around the bra strap, which helps keep them hidden.

I have 2 pairs of screen used shoes, but as the dress is made for someone a lot taller than me, I bought black high heels very similar to the style Sister Nicci is seen wearing. After seeing how quick/loose the hand stitching on the hem is, I don't mind turning it up again carefully if I choose to. Unfortunately their throwing weapon was highly sought after, so Matt made me a replica instead of buying a screen used one. Each blade is made from 3 layers of styrene, sanded and painted, with the scroll design hand drawn on.

Worn at - Dragon*Con 2011.

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