royalguard reference

Emperor's Royal Guard

Source: Star Wars, Prequel Trilogy

Completed: April 2008

I've been wanting to try out a 501st costume that includes a helmet, and considering that we already had a modified Don Post Royal Guard helmet, I thought I'd try it out. Matt had repainted the helmet, modified the lens cut-out, and replacement the lens material. I had bought parts for the force pike - Matt finished it off with a pommel and tip. I really like it.

The robes were easy enough - I found a burgundy stretch knit, and made a basic turtle neck fitted dress (using the same pattern as my Barriss Offee dress, but changed the bottom of the skirt). The burgundy opera gloves were a good match, I wear them under the dress sleeves so only the hands of the glove are seen - many of the figures/statues show this.

The outer robes took longer than they should have - I ended up playing with the draping for ages. I was originally going to make a copy of Matt's RG robe, but his is Original Trilogy style with one arm slit. I'm a bit more of a Prequel Trilogy girl myself, so I wanted to do the two arm slit version (plus it's more convenient). I was hoping to find 150cm wide fabric, but had no luck I found a good red colour match in a micro crepe (strangely enough the same fabric as my Claire Bennett costume) - it had a good hang to it. Being only 114cm wide, I had to put in two vertical seams behind the shoulders. Got the gathering sorted, then added in the lining. I always get caught up with lining - ended up spending ages making it look all pretty on the inside, which no one really sees. Anyway, I finally got it all done, and added a basic collar.

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royalguard costume