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Renee' Devereaux (2009 'Deliciously Deco')

Source: Tonner Doll Company

Completed: 30th August 2011

I have loved Tonner Dolls for years now, even though I have yet to buy one. I keep an eye on their latest releases, and in 2009 I spotted this black & silver design for their Devereaux Sisters collection. I immediately thought it would be fun to make as a costume, and in 2011 I finally started working on it. It ended up being a much bigger project than I anticipated, but I love the end result.

I searched online for a black fabric with silver sequins, and finally found one store that had 1.5 yards left of a fabric that was the closest I'd seen, so I grabbed it. I used my Barriss Offee dress pattern as as base, and modified it a little smaller, changed the hem and neckline, and added a zip at the back and lining. I spent a long time trying to find a fringe/trim that would hang nicely, and eventually chose a 1.5mm polyester cord. I bought everything the local store had, thinking it would be enough. Once I started cutting the lengths, I realised I would need a LOT more - in the end, I used approx 850m of trim for the costume! I bought x8 100m rolls directly from the supplier, which saved me from having to throw away all my progress. Each strand was cut to length, then I used a candle to seal the ends before glueing each piece to the hem of the sleeves and dress. I used a small stitch to reinforce it so I would hopefully not lose strands due to the overall weight. I put the dress on my mannequin and glued the silver trim over the top, instead of handsewing (by this time the dress was getting heavy and hard to manage).

The shoes are black 'Pleaser' brand heels, I found a silver pleather trim and glued strips over the top to copy the original design. I glued a remnant piece of the dress fabric over a fascinator I bought and attached a comb for wearing. The choker is made from the same silver trim as on the dress, over some silver ribbon and does up with a hook and eye at the back. Black fishnet tights with a back seam and a short black wig completed the costume.

I very nearly didn't wear this at Dragon*Con, but I decided to put it on late Monday night to show friends. I'm very glad I did - despite the weight, it's quite fun to wear.

Worn at - Dragon*Con 2011.

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