powers reference

Austin Powers Dancer

Source: Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery

Completed: August 2011

This was a fun project for a group entry for the Dragon*Con 2011 Masquerade. I've never entered a masquerade before, and thought it would be a fun experience to do once with friends. I looked through screencaps, and picked the pink and orange outfit from the opening sequence from the first film.

A search online confirmed what I suspected - that no one wants/makes orange and pink striped fabric anymore, so I asked Matt to help draw up the design in Photoshop. I sent the file off to have 2 yards of cotton sateen custom printed - it was made and shipped really quick, which was great. I found one pair of orange lace up gogo boots on ebay, which are a little big, but I couldn't find anything else close. Matt made my earrings from scratch - half hemispheres (left over from jedi food capsules!) painted pink and glued to earring posts. He cut ovals from styrene, then sanded and painted pink and attached with silver rings. I bought pink tights from welovecolors.com - they look great in person, but photograph more purple than pink. A little frustrating, but I didn't have any time left to find alternatives.

I bought a vintage 'tent' dress pattern, but it ended up being too big, so I drafted my own. I cut bias binding strips for the neck and arm holes, and turned the hem up twice. It was a little tricky to get the stripes to line up right, I'm still not sure how they got it matched up all the way around on the original dress. The hat was frustrating, I couldn't find anything close anywhere. I sewed two different patterns that I didn't like the shape of, before I tried Vogue 8440 for the third and final version.

Once all together at Dragon*Con, we rehearsed our dance routine a couple of times a day. I was really nervous getting ready for the masquerade on the Sunday, but it all came together - the crowd loved us and we looked great! A big thank you to all in the group and our helpers, it was so much fun, an experience I'll never forget.

Worn at - Dragon*Con 2011.

Flickr set - flickr.com/photos/mattandkristy/sets/72157627626685188/

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