poisonivy reference

Poison Ivy

Source: Harley Quinn comic series (DC Comics)

Completed: 01 April 2009

As a fan of DC comics, Poison Ivy has always been a favourite character of mine. She has many different looks, but I particularly like her appearance in the Harley Quinn comic series. While out shopping for a wedding corset, I found the perfect strapless corset to use as a base for her leaf-covered outfit.

I started by painting the corset green with fabric paint. It was a bright white, which I didn't want showing through. While wearing the corset, I drafted a bottom half to match from green fabric, and inserted a zip into the back. The bottom part was sewn onto the lower edge of the corset, to create a strapless 'swimwear' shape. I ordered two long silk ivy garlands from Ebay, and pulled all the leaves off. The leaves were then glued onto the outfit, starting at the top and overlapping down.

The flat 'shoes' are sewn from the same green fabric, using my Harley Quinn shoe design. The 'socks' do up with a hook and eye at the ankle, and the ankle cuffs dome up at the back. They are worn with green stockings, purchased from a local store. A red wig from eBay completes the outfit. A fairly easy costume to create, but it's a lot of fun to wear.

I made some changes to it in 2011 to wear it for Dragon*Con. I bought a pair of green suede ankle boots, and glued some of the left over leaves onto ribbons to tie around my ankles. I also changed the bodice slightly - originally I pulled it up over my hips to get it on, but this wasn't the best idea, as the glue for the leaves eliminated the stretch of the corset. I cut it between the legs, and added snaps so I could pull it on over my head. Not a change that's seen, but it made it a lot easier to get on.

Worn at - Armageddon Wellington 2009, Dragon*Con 2011.

Flickr set - Flickr.com/photos/mattandkristy/sets/72157616414731082/

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