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Necromonger Convert (Screen-Used) Costume

Source: The Chronicles of Riddick

Purchased: September 2005

After seeing photos online of people wearing Necromonger armour at a U.S. convention, Matt and I looked around to find out more - and were surprised to discover that the original costumes used in the movie were available to buy. In September 2005, we were proud owners of our own screen used costumes, courtesy of The Prop Store UK. Matt has Necromonger Captain armour with a stunt pistol, and I have a female convert costume. They look fantastic and are surprisingly comfortable to wear.

My costume is a female convert worn by an extra - the character 'Kyra' also wears a convert costume at the end of the film. It consists of a thin faux snakeskin material bodysuit, soft boots and a hooded sleeveless robe made out of different materials - which has been burnt and distressed. It feels incredible to wear, and the costume is a pretty good fit for my height.

We debuted our costumes at the Auckland Armageddon convention in October 2005, and got a lot of compliments on them. In May 2006, we attended the London Expo convention, where we trooped with other members of the Necromonger Legion who also own screen used costumes. I took my costume, and Matt borrowed some necromonger infantryman armour. It was fantastic!

Worn at - Armageddon Auckland 2005, London Expo 2006, Armageddon Auckland 2008, Dragon*Con 2009.

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necromonger costume