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Jedi Historian

Source: Original Design

Completed: 21 October 2011

The jedi attire in Episode 2 was what started my costuming journey, and it seems I need to keep coming back to it. This time I wanted a slightly different jedi costume to the four I had made previously. I have always loved the jedi outfits that have skirts (many of the female jedi in the films wear skirts/dresses), so I started sketching out ideas for a dress version of a jedi outfit. I wanted to keep to the standard brown/earth tones, to make it a little more recognisable as a jedi design. I liked the tabbard designs of Atris & Jocasta Nu, so I ended up basing my design on them - the costume is the same as Atris, but with the geometric tabbard design & color scheme based on Jocasta Nu.

I went through my jedi fabric stash, but didn't find anything that jumped out at me for the dress. While shopping for fabric for my daughter's Halloween costume, I came across an unnamed brown knit fabric in the clearance section, so I bought 4 metres. I knew I had a good light brown fabric for the tabbards already. The dress is my Barriss Offee pattern, altered again - cut at the waist, v-neck line and collar added, and flared the sleeves. The skirt part is a full circle, cut in two parts - I used pretty much every scrap of fabric cutting out the pieces. Due to using a knit fabric this time, I didn't line the sleeves, but turned the edge over twice at the wrist instead to hide the overlocking.

The tabbards are the same pattern as my last jedi costume, except extended down to the floor. My husband is a much better artist than myself, so I asked if he could draw out a tabbard design based off the photo of Jocasta Nu's costume in the 'Dressing A Galaxy' book. He then drew over it with a marker so I could trace the design onto my fabric, as I did not want to do it free hand, too easy to make mistakes. I taped the paper pattern to a window, and taped the fabric over to allow the light to shine through from behind. I spent many hours tracing the design onto each piece of the tabbards and belt with dark brown fabric markers. I sewed all the pieces right sides together, then turned out and ironed flat.

I already had a pair of brown leather knee-high boots, and a double bladed lightsaber. The last item was the undershirt - both Atris and Jocasta wear a long sleeved tshirt-style shirt underneath, so I went shopping and bought a cheap white long sleeved tshirt to wear underneath - I went with a slightly lower neckline, similar to Shaak Ti.

I can wear this as a human with my hair in a bun, or with my skin-colour lekku for a twi'lek version. The outfit is really comfortable to wear, and I love the full skirt.

My design and costume has also been in official artwork, as the basis for Jedi Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy (aka "Scout"), by artist Brian Rood in "The Essential Reader's Companion" (click here for comparison).

Worn at - Armageddon Melbourne 2011, Armageddon Auckland 2011, Celebration VI, Dragon*Con 2012.

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