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Jedi Knight Costume

Source: Star Wars, Prequel Trilogy

Completed: April 2004

In April 2004, I finished my first costume - 'Jedi Padawan', and joined the Jedi Assembly and the Rebel Legion as Anaria Zar-Rel. A year later I finished version 2 - 'Jedi knight', which had new improved tunics, new pants, custom boots, and added belt details.

It started with an ebay listing I found by accident, for a made-to-measure brown wool jedi robe. The idea of having a jedi costume stuck, I knew I had to have it. I won the auction, and soon had my very own wool jedi robe. I don't wear it often, but it's still one of my favourite costume pieces.

I set about researching about how to make the tunics, where to find boots, and other details. I bought a brown leather jedi belt, brown boots off Ebay. I looked up all the recommended websites for making a jedi costume. I bought a second hand sewing machine, even though I had very little knowledge about sewing, and set about figuring it out.

I took an old shirt and unpicked the stiches to give me a basic pattern. I traced the pieces onto paper, making changes to the neckline and sleeves. I cut the shapes out of an old sheet and made my first mock-up. I made some futher adjustments, then cut the outer tunic fabric and sewed it up. I used the same paper pattern for the outer tunic but adjusted the sleeves. The tabbards and obi were sewn from long lengths of the outer tunic material. I bought cream coloured pants and sewed along the inside leg to make them more fitted. I also made my own lightsaber hilt from a metal tube and greeblies from the hardware store.

After completing the costume, I soon began improving it. I replaced my ebay boots with custom made Motorcowboy ones, bought brown pants to replace the cream coloured ones, and was given food capsules and pouches. I then redid the outer tunic in a new fabric, taking into account what I had learnt from my first version. I also bought a FX Anakin Ep2 lightsaber for conventions and troops. In April 2005 I attended Celebration 3, and joined in the Rebel Legion and Jedi Assembly photo shoots with my costume.

In 2007 I redid the outer tunics, for a third version - it was rushed for an event, and I never liked the fabric I used, so I only wore it for 2 events. I had been given a machined Barriss Offee lightsaber hilt for my birthday, which I use for all my jedi costumes.

Worn at - Armageddon Auckland 2004, Armageddon Wellington 2005, Celebration III, Armageddon Wellington 2007.

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