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Queen Gorgo, Farewell Gown

Source: 300 (Movie Version)

Completed: 30th August 2011

When we planned to wear 300 costumes again at Dragon*Con 2011, I decided I wanted to make the classic 'farewell' Gorgo outfit. It looks relatively simple, but I wanted to make it as accurately as I could. I ordered fabric samples from several online stores, and decided that raw silk looked the closest to the rough appearance seen in close up shots. I bought a few small brown leather hides from Italy, and chose the one with a colour and texture that looked appropriate.

My version of the dress has a lot of structure to it. It appears to be a simple 'wrap around' dress, but it also has a train on the left side. After a long time wrapping myself in yards of fabric, I came up with my design. The 'bodice' is seperate to the skirt, sewn down into pleats/gathers which are hidden between 2 strips of leather, glued together for strength and to hide the joins. At the lower strap around the torso, it connects to the skirt which wraps around and ends in a long train on the left side. The skirt is double layered, as the fabric has a loose weave and slightly see-through - but the inner layer stops at the hip, so the train over the arm is only one layer. The whole dress is put on fully built, and is closed with velcro on the two waist straps on the left side (you can see the joins in photos of the screen used costume on display).

I bought a long dark brown wavy wig, as my hair isn't quite long enough - though I ran out of time to add the leather strand details. I wear my gold armband, sandals and earrings from my previous Gorgo costume. This is a really comfortable costume, and actually quite easy to put on, as the fabric is sewn into place and doesn't require adjusting to wear.

Worn at - Dragon*Con 2011.

Flickr set - Flickr.com/photos/mattandkristy/sets/72157627626724678/

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