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Queen Gorgo, Secret Meeting Gown

Source: 300 (Movie Version)

Completed: April 2008

When my husband started working on a '300' Spartan costume, I knew I wanted to costume alongside him as Queen Gorgo. Even though it is seen only briefly, and mostly in shadow, I really like her 'secret meeting/off the shoulder' outfit. I picked up some cotton/linen on sale, and started playing around with the draping. For practicality (and modesty), I changed the draping of the top slightly. After buying the action figure version of this outfit, I decided to make the outfit in three parts - top, skirt and train.

The top is essentially a 'v' shape, pleated at the top edge and ironed flat. The skirt is a simple double-layer wrap skirt, which is pleated at the front and then sewn to the bottom edge of the top. The train is a long length of fabric that tucks into the gold band at the back, and hangs over my right arm. I didn't want to leave the fabric edges raw, so all the fabric was overlocked with a small rolled hem.

After a few weeks of searching, I finally found a good match for her sandals at a local accessory store, and some gold earrings - not exact, but close enough. I bought two gold metal armbands, but after trying them on, decided that they weren't right. My husband decided to make the bracelet and armband from scratch for me.

On studying the screen shots, we decided on how to do the gold shoulder band. I bought 5 shell bracelets, which we pulled apart. Each shell piece was originally painted blue, so we had to sand each one by hand, then they were sprayed with primer, then an antique gold paint. When they were all strung together, the shells ended up being quite heavy, so I hand sewed each one onto a thick length of elastic. The elastic band is attached to the top at the front, and the train tucks into it at the back.

I debuted this costume at Armageddon Wellington 2008, but the weather was pretty cold in Wellington that day, I didn't wear it for very long. In September 2009 we finally made it to Dragon*Con, and wore our 300 costumes alongside our US spartan friends in the D*C parade.

Worn at - Armageddon Wellington 2008, Dragon*Con 2009.

Flickr set - Flickr.com/photos/mattandkristy/sets/72157610880723174/

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