ggleia reference

Princess Leia ("Gentle Giant" version)

Source: Gentle Giant animation-style maquette

Completed: 28 Mar 2009

As an avid Star Wars fan and Gentle Giant collector, I fell in love with the animated Princess Leia maquette the moment it was announced. It has been center place in my collection ever since, recently joined by the Padme' maquette. I have wanted to make the costume for a long time, I'm really happy to have finally had the opportunity. As always, I learnt more about working with lycra, and larger hair pieces. It is very comfortable to wear, and a lot of fun :)

The boots are white wedge heel boots, bought on Ebay. They only came in the size smaller than I usually wear, but they fit okay.

The belt was drafted on paper, then cut from black vinyl. I then glued a thin silver vinyl over the surface and turned the edges over to the back and glued them down. I drew up the shapes for the plates, which my husband cut from styrene, sanded and painted. Metal button blanks were used for the domes, and the belt domes together with the back plate.

Unable to find a suitable fabric locally, I ordered samples online from the US. I picked out a white lycra with a good thickness and drape, and ordered what I needed. I drafted a mockup pattern from a blend of my Snowbunny bodysuit and Barriss Offee dress patterns. I altered the sleeves to flare at the elbows, and the side seam curves forward over the hips to form the top of the leg slit. I drafted the hood from scratch, and modified the skirt shape on my mockup. It took several alterations, but I eventually found a shape I was happy with. The entire dress is lined, to hide the seams and try to keep with the animated style.

The buns are made from two of the longest wigs that Cosworx sells, colour matched to my own hair. I cut the lower 1/3rd from the inside of the wigs, to decrease the bulk of the hair (but not the length). We twisted the hair into the bun shape, then the back is covered in mesh and hot glue applied to fix it all in shape, with a hair comb in the middle. I pull my hair into a pigtail on each side. The hairpiece is then held in place by sliding the comb into the top of my pigtail, and pinned in place.

The blaster was made by my husband, drafted from my maquette and scaled to my hand. It is made from wood, sanded and several coats of paint applied.

Worn at - Armageddon Christchurch 2009, Armageddon Welllington 2009, Dragon*Con 2011.

Awards - First Place in Category (Infinities), Star Wars Costume Contest, Dragon*Con 2011.

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