femtrooper reference

Femtrooper (female stormtrooper)

Source: Star Wars: Expanded Universe

Completed: October 2008

I have wanted stormtrooper armour for years, but realised that it would take a huge amount of work to ever get it to fit me. Two years ago Matt and I started to play around with making parts, but it was our first experience with vac-forming, so it was a slow/learning process. Other costume projects came up, and this one was shelved for a while. But now, after an incredible amout of work, I have my own white armour.

The bodysuit is made from my snowbunny bodysuit pattern, using black stretch fabric left over from my Harley Quinn costume. I made a high neck collar, sewed channels and inserted plastic tubbing to create the neckseal. I attached the collar to the bodysuit - it does up with a zip down the back. I bought a pair of second hand white high heel boots, and some cheap black gloves.

The custom chest piece was created by making a cast of my chest with algenate and plaster. A mold was taken, then built up with clay to smooth out the shape, then vac-formed. The ab and back pieces are fibreglass, and the rest is custom fitted styrene parts. TK-944, BH-2114 and TK-2097 did a fantastic job - it took a lot of work to make the larger TK parts scaled down to my size. It took a little while getting used to walking around in it, but it was easier than I expected, and fairly comfortable. I love finally having my own armour :)

Worn at - Armageddon Auckland 2008, Armageddon Wellington 2009.

Flickr set - Flickr.com/photos/mattandkristy/sets/72157610879854566/

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femtrooper costume