bella reference

Bella Swan (birthday)

Source: New Moon

Completed: August 2011

A few years ago a couple of people told me I looked like Kristin Stewart/Bella Swan from Twilight. So after seeing the films, I thought it would be fun to throw together a simple costume. Hot Topic sold a licensed replica of Bella's green dress she wears to the birthday party in New Moon, so I picked one up online when I saw it on sale. After searching for a while, I found a pair of the same style of Vans shoes second hand and the same brand of hairband on ebay. I bought the licensed NECA set of Bella replica jewellery, which included her moonstone ring, St Jude bracelet and turquoise cuff. I bought a fan made beaded bracelet from Etsy, as NECA did not make a licensed version. The last part was her black cardigan, I couldn't find anything close cheaply, so I bought a long sleeved cardigan at a second hand store, cut the hem & sleeves shorter and hemmed it.

It's a comfortable simple costume that was quick and easy to put together. I got compliments on the dress, and I can wear it without the accessories in my regular wardrobe.

Worn at - Dragon*Con 2011.

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