barrissoffee reference

Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee

Source: Star Wars Episode II (Attack of the Clones)

Completed: May 2007

The costume consists of a black dress, hood, belt, cloak and boots. I used Kwik Sew 3472 for the dress. The top half is made from a black ribbing fabric, with the paneled section down the front, and a velvet collar (same fabric as the cloak). The skirt half is made of black interlock, it worked well for the bottom section, flows nicely when I walk. I changed the pattern a bit, and added a full circle for the lower part of the skirt, to achieve the fuller 'draping' look. The belt and buckle are made from two belts I bought - the buckle domes to the belt at the front, concealing the join. The cloak is navy panne velvet, lined with the same (I used the pattern McCalls 8936).

I use green Kryolan makeup, black nailpolish, lipstick and an ink pen for the skin/tattoos - using a stencil Matt made to achieve accurate placement of the diamonds. Black boots and my screen accurate machined lightsaber finish it off (it was a birthday present from Matt). It takes a bit of time to do the makeup, but it's a pretty easy costume to wear.

There are a few things I would have done differently if I hadn't been rushing to get it finished. At some time in the early hours of the last morning, I pinned two lining sections together wrong, and didn't notice until the cloak was sewn up. With no time to unpick it all and start again, Matt helped me even it up. I also didn't notice that I had put a seam in the top of the hood instead of a fold. But I like the way it worked out, considering it was made in 3 days. Matt made the belt for me, and does the tricky job of drawing the diamonds on my face and hands. The first time I wore it was for the Rebel Legion photo shoot at CIV. We were a bit late, as we hadn't tried the makeup before, but Matt did a wonderful job.

At CIV I met Nalini Krishnan who played Barriss in Ep2 and Ep3, got her autograph and a photo together. While still in costume, I also met Dave Seeley, who did the cover art for the Medstar books - he gave me a free signed print of the first Medstar book cover with Barriss :)

Worn at - Celebration IV, Celebration VI.

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